Rex Adams, CEO of EyeSouth Partners

An Eyesight Crisis Throughout the U.S.  

As the United States’ population grows older and as screen time increases, eyesight throughout the country continues to steadily regress. There are already 34 million Americans that are nearsighted and by 2030, that number is expected to climb to 39 million. By that time, there will also be nearly 20 million farsighted Americans (approximately 14 million are farsighted today).   

Thirty years ago, it was rare to see small children, teenagers, or young adults with glasses or contacts. Now, there are more and more children and young adults prescribed with contact lenses or glasses to correct poor vision and other eyesight issues. The excessive use of electronics, especially throughout the COVID era, in combination with the rapid increase of eye diseases related to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, have created the perfect storm for a nationwide eyesight crisis.

Cataracts, one of the leading causes of blindness throughout the world, has also been on the rise for the increasing number of Americans who are entering their late 60s and 70s. According to a study by the National Institute of Health, 24 million Americans already have cataracts and there will be close to 38 million cases of cataracts by 2030. It’s even more troubling to consider the vast number of people who develop cataracts and often cannot access the essential care to prevent them from resulting in blindness. Efficiently, accurately and effectively treating eye care illnesses and diseases means saving the eyesight of millions of Americans nationwide who would otherwise be blind. Now more than ever, the demand for high quality eye care services is crucial.

Rex Adams Leads EyeSouth Partners To Success

EyeSouth Partners is the leading, nationwide network of comprehensive eye care services. It provides cutting-edge technologies, exceptional customer experience, and investment in ongoing education and training for all 35 of its affiliate practices and more than 290 of its affiliate doctors.   

Although its headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, EyeSouth Partners’ network is comprised of more than 160 locations throughout the country as well as 19 surgery centers across Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Illinois, and North Carolina.

Rex Adams, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has been an integral part of EyeSouth’s growth since joining the team in December 2017. The number of doctors in the EyeSouth network has grown from 12 to close to 300, its locations from 4 to 160, and from 1 local metropolitan market to 11 different states, which is nearly a 3,000% growth under his leadership.

Prior to Rex’s career in healthcare, he earned a bachelor’s degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School. He also served 5 years in the United States Army having graduated from the U.S. Army’s Air Assault, Airborne, and Ranger schools.

His career began as a strategy consultant through a consulting firm founded by Michael Porter, a Harvard Business School professor. Rex also served in leadership positions at three Fortune 500 companies – the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at WellCare Health Plans, President and CEO of AT&T East, President of BellSouth Long Distance, and President of BellSouth Wholesale Services. He served as the CEO of Payspan, COO at CareCentrix and the COO of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

His knowledge and expertise have been recognized through his personal achievements, such as the 2017 CEO Award by CEO Today Magazine and 2017 CEO Award by Finance Monthly. He was also named one of the Ten Best CEOs of 2021 by Industry Era Magazine and named one of the Fifty Best Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022 by CIO Bulletin.

Supported By World Renowned Eye Doctors and Surgeons  

EyeSouth’s success is due in part to its continued effort to equip its doctors with the latest in ophthalmic technology and education. Many of its affiliate doctors take roles in ophthalmic research and studies, furthering the field of ophthalmology for eye doctors throughout the entire country. EyeSouth affiliate practices are among the first to adopt, utilize and benefit from newly approved FDA procedures and other cutting-edge technologies that help their patients receive the latest and greatest in eyecare.

Rex Adams states: “We’ve earned our success by partnering with top-quality ophthalmology practices and renowned doctors and ophthalmic surgeons. We are now the largest comprehensive ophthalmology platform in North America, with over one million patient visits per year and an industry-leading doctor retention rate.”  

Since the beginning, EyeSouth’s business has been driven by the same doctors who work in its affiliated practices. Many of EyeSouth’s longer tenured affiliate doctors serve on the company’s Physician Advisory Board, which provides leadership and guidance to promote the highest standard of eye care for patients throughout the network. The newest doctors to the EyeSouth network also gain the opportunity to learn from the most experienced ophthalmologists throughout the country (and world).

Helping Doctors Grow Their Practices

According to Rex Adams, the company has adopted a simple, yet successful strategy – partnering with like-minded, quality doctors who aspire for continued success. Once affiliated into the EyeSouth network, doctors and staff are provided with the resources to not only maintain their practices, but amplify their long-term growth.

“After partnering with EyeSouth, each medical affiliate retains its respective brand, while doctors and staff receive enhanced training and support services, which ultimately elevate their practice operations to the next level and continued growth,” shares Rex Adams.

Together, EyeSouth’s executive management team shares more than 200 combined years of experience working in healthcare. Their collective expertise on the workings of high quality healthcare practices puts their affiliate practices on the road to greater success. The company’s administrative and operations management model is designed to help its doctors see more patients through improved staffing models, real estate expansions, staff training, equipment investments, sophisticated strategic growth plans, customized marketing programs, and state of the art technologies that more efficiently help their doctors, staff, and patients.

Rex Shares His Insights

For the past 20+ years, Rex Adams has seen many different perspectives of healthcare and high growth technology companies. In his experience, his passion for the further development of business, operations, and customer service has earned him accolades – especially in the realm of entrepreneurship.

When asked what advice he would offer other entrepreneurs, Rex offered his personal advice that he calls his own “3 Ps for Entrepreneurs:”

  1. Purpose/Passion – Find your purpose or passion: “In every role I have ever had I have always tried to find a higher purpose. With EyeSouth, since it helps prevent blindness, that’s been easy, but regardless of the role, try to find the bigger meaning and contribution of that opportunity.”
  2. People – Surrounding yourself with the right people is essential. Every business or adventure is made by the people and for the people. At EyeSouth I have been very fortunate to work with great people.
  3. Perseverance – Every business and everyone personally has their ups and downs. You need to have faith, have hope… and just hang on!

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