Nick Lai: Marketing in the Digital Age, the Present and the Future

We all have heard the phrase “missed by a whisker.” When one is extremely talented and passionate, but due to some unforeseen reasons, they are unable to reach their goal. These unforeseen reasons could be personal, professional, or intellectual, but most commonly, it is monetary. People having the talent and the brains to be the best business leaders out there can’t reach that level; can’t get their audience or market.

A company’s potential shouldn’t be constrained by its size. Yet, a lot of people are restricted by outside forces including societal restrictions, a lack of access to affordable finance, and a distance to marketplaces.

Establishing a business is a challenging task. The process is not like one video transition that happens in seconds. Or something that happens overnight. It takes days of hard work and nights of dream-catching to get there.

Sometimes, some markets may just not be ready for the service/product. A product as life changing as it won’t settle down without being marketed well. It needs experienced professionals with media knowledge and tricks. It needs the right business management and quite literally a global marketplace.

The world and these unfortunate entrepreneurs need a platform. They need resources, solutions, and assistance in their time of need. A platform that will act like their projector. Projecting their logo in the skies of their market.

Accloud eliminates these obstacles by utilizing a ground-breaking, low-touch commerce platform to mobilize business administration. Entrepreneurs now have access to funding, trade, accounting, and tax solutions in a single, user-friendly system for the first time.

we’re making the small, mighty.”

“As part of our initial push into the market, Accloud plc is presently expanding throughout India. Providing accounting software, tax, light ERP solutions, and micro-financing on a low-touch commerce platform.”

With its low entry cost and game-changing system, they aim to aid several business owners. They will do this by exposing them to new and right markets for their product/service.

Leading With Example and Experience

The world is constantly moving towards digitization. Applications, software, and databases run the world. Ross R James who proudly carries the title of Chief Executive Officer is well-versed in the world of digitization.

It was when he was a student of communication engineering that he got introduced to Computer Programming. He describes it as “eyes opening wide to the power and possibilities”. He was extremely intrigued with computers, the tech behind them, and the number of possibilities the world could achieve.

He instantly began his journey by importing computers to improve the efficiency of SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises). He realized if these enterprises are provided with LANs and other software, they will end up with way more than they aimed for.

Not too far from then, he set up the first foreign technology company in Taiwan. The company manufactured personal computers that were later shipped to countries like USA, Germany, and Denmark.

Ross has spent 30 years at the top of the ITC sector. He has a lot of expertise with internet business applications and tactics both locally and globally. As well as developing export markets throughout the USA, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Ross had a significant impact on the Application Service Provider (ASP) business in the 1990s. Giving him a vast knowledge of client-server computing and the next utility and cloud computing technologies.

Inspire, Innovate, Inculcate

Ross took inspiration from innovators like Steve Jobs. It is he and his obsession with simplified UIs that we are here today. We have this array of devices with the convergence of several digital tools into one. Ross believes that Steve Jobs’ legacy alone inspired millions of young minds to enter the world of tech.

Bringing all his experience into one streamline is how he created Accloud. He noticed a little increase in internet bandwidth and a few changes in computing technology that could help small businesses.

Established in 2015, Accloud was made to keep small businesses in mind. A vision to create a community where they are heard. Small businesses as a community needed services like B2B, micro-capital, micro-insurance, and other business management tools. Just because these businesses are not industry giants, doesn’t mean they don’t get the tools and resources.

The company has had to adapt as the demand for apps and mobile work has soared. The business started as a provider of cloud-based accounting software but has since grown to be much more, with a strong emphasis on addressing the needs of contemporary entrepreneurs in emerging and high-growth economies.

Into the Accloud Offices

When there is such demand for this one-of-a-kind business management platform, it needs a passionate and dedicated workforce to support it. The work culture at Accloud is something the CEO himself is quite particular about.

Open and honest communication with the staff has always been important. Ross thinks it inculcates positive energy around the business and overall company. Everyone in the office hierarchy must go through a series of constant surveys and questionnaires. They are meant to gauge everyone’s well-being, attitude, and belongingness with the office and colleagues.

The outcomes of these surveys are keenly observed and brought into practice. The company deems that in a fast pacing industry like its own, flexibility and adaptation are essential.

Accloud as a company is open to all types of constructive criticism- coming from their employees, customers, or competitors.

The Cloud of Challenges

Unlike the cloud-based platforms Accloud provides, these clouds are a bit tough to crack. The company still recovers from the post-pandemic effects as capital needs have been an ongoing challenge. The company sort of derived a solution for it by focusing more on the growth of company revenue and keeping their expenses marginal.

“We want to be a leading driver of change in the developing economies and we want to do that now, but it is also crucial to make sure we are still providing exactly what is desired by a variety of customers.”

Accloud for the Customers

Pleasing customers is like a double edge sword. If you try to tweak every little detail and strategy, you will come off as a company trying to be everything all at once. But giving customer feedback the importance, it deserves is also essential. They are the ones we do what we do for.

Accloud regularly consults its customers and partners about the highs and lows, and the hows and whys. To verify that the remaining suggestions fit with customers’ needs, all the input is compiled from multiple sources and any recurring themes are brought up with management.

Accloud’s Future

The company has plenty of faith in its future and plans to grow and expand. As the world continues to be more and more digitized by the day, it must stay at the forefront of new technology. The new technology digitization has to offer to the world.

As the company has its current goals of expanding in India, similarly the company also looks forward to expanding in Africa. The range of products to be rolled out there is something to watch out for.

Ross personally, and the company is very particular about female inclusion. Ross mentors students at CAS University coming from emerging economies. This reminds him of what and who he and his company are working for.

They plan on expanding their networks with various business-focused industries in India. The country has a huge start-up community with plenty of talent.

From Today’s Leader to Tomorrow’s

Ironically, being someone who has over 30 years of experience in the digital realm, it is odd coming from him, but Ross R James’ biggest advice is to keep your devices away. He preaches that giving yourself a time-out from all devices- phones, laptops, television, etc. can give you complete peace of mind.

Another slice of advice is that if you are working your own business, or with someone, but you are just getting started, portions are not that big. Once your idea, confidence, and ownership are fixed, it is important to be cooperative. More importantly, capital raising takes time and focus away from being present in the business so the less of it you must do, the more stress-free every day will be.

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