“Deconstruct, Destroy, Defend”- Judith Mitchell Shares Biotech Solutions At Next Science

When it comes to tackling bodily viruses or parasites, it is quite a risky job. One little mistake and the previously efficient part can get damaged- temporarily or permanently. The Medical sector, after combined with some tricks of science and technology, has been developing to new heights. Various advanced and quite accurately working solutions to microorganisms or viruses of the likes of biofilm are being effectively cured.

Biofilm formation is a process whereby microorganisms irreversibly attach to and grow on a surface and produce extracellular polymers that facilitate attachment and matrix formation, resulting in an alteration in the phenotype of the organisms with respect to growth rate and gene transcription.

Solutions As Beginnings

Established in 2012, Next Science is a medical technology company headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with a research and development center in Florida, USA. The Company’s primary focus is on developing and continuing commercialization of its proprietary XBIO Technology to reduce biofilm-based infections’ impact on human health.

Sitting down with the Managing Director, Judith Mitchell, the company’s journey ever from when it was founded by Dr. Myntii, their experiences and experiments with biotech, was discussed.

As someone based in the biotech industry, Dr. Myntii founded the company with the challenge of resolving the way biofilms cause implantable medical devices to fail by harboring infections.

The mission is to offer the world a solution to biofilms, and the difference can be seen only recently. Biofilms-a natural phenomenon frequently causes 80% of human chronic infections. The aim is to impact that and make many chronic infection illnesses more manageable and eradicable. Next Science began with the infection of prosthetic joints and persistent wounds. Over 8 million Americans have chronic sores like leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers, although most individuals are unaware of this. These are crippling illnesses that, if the chronic infection is not treated, might result in amputation events, which increase mortality. As a result, this is a pathway that clearly calls for intervention.

Healthcare With Technology- XBIO Technology

Unaware of a solid solution, going ahead with matters as serious as biofilms can be risky. Nobody knew the solution to the issue, and like many good scientists, Dr. Myntii couldn’t sleep because of it. A crucial technological platform created by Dr. Myntti allows for the dispersal of biofilms and the creation of conditions that cause bacterial cell lysis and death.

This technology can be used for a variety of purposes in our daily life, including food preparation, crop health, animal health, air conditioning, and water purification. The business has begun to concentrate on healthcare since NextScience thinks it will have the biggest immediate impact on people’s lives.

In order to address the issue of bacterial biofilms, XBIO Technology uses a novel strategy. By eliminating the metal ions that keep the EPS together, the special, non-toxic technology targets and disassembles the biofilm’s structure. The bacteria inside the biofilm are exposed as a result, making them easier to kill. As a result of a surfactant and strong osmotic imbalance across the bacterial cell wall, microorganisms that are encased by the XBIO Technology are then eliminated.

With a 100X reduction in the rate of recurrence, XBIO Technology’s broad spectrum efficacy aids in protecting against biofilm reformation. There is no known resistance to XBIO Technology due to its distinctive mechanism of action.

Biotech And Society

XBIO Technology is going to fix problems that have caused people to endure constant misery. It can significantly alter the course of the disease for infections in prosthetic joints and chronic wounds by eliminating biofilms. When those factors cannot be changed, the final result is frequent amputation and early death. That process can be stopped, ending the patient’s pain and allowing them to recover and return to their regular life.

“Our technologies are used to prevent infections or help remove the biofilm and bacteria for those who are being treated for an infected prosthesis. Our early data is showing us we are providing significant changes in both preventing infections and improving the outcomes for those patients who have had an infected prosthesis that is re-operated on to remove the infection.”

By 2050, it is predicted that bacterial illnesses will claim more lives than cancer. The XBIO Technology from 2 Next Science is altering this course and enhancing the lives of patients. Even their most at-risk patients can have better surgical outcomes because of XBIO’s revolutionary technology.

Judith Mitchell is someone who has spent over 40 years in a community of biotech solutions, one gets humbled by seeing fellow humans suffer. And the joy of seeing them feel better and get healed through something you had a hand in.

“I have always felt it was a privilege to serve the medical profession, as they served the community at large. When serving the community in this way, there is one simple question you can lead with – how can I help – and whether this leads down a pathway for more training for healthcare support staff, faster product delivery, or the development of a completely new product you are constantly being challenged on how to make improvements that ultimately benefit the patient and improve peoples lives.”

Biotech Solutions In Multiple Sectors

Modern techniques are used by biotechnologists in a variety of biotechnology fields. Working with biological organisms, biotechnologists do research, develop, and improve new technologies and products. These researchers try to address global issues by developing innovative medical treatments and sustainable energy sources.

Sectors like Agriculture, Biofuels, Biomedicines, and Medical Technology, In order to maximize productivity, the BioTech sector is implementing trends like automation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, consumer biotechnology and biotechnology products that are marketed to consumers rather than bio-pharmaceutical or healthcare companies have increased. While businesses are working on solutions ranging from food and materials to environmental monitoring, the industry is still mostly focused on healthcare.

Working for biotechs in Med tech and novel companies like Next Science you get the chance to really make a difference in lives and a wider difference in improving quality of life and at the same time reducing the cost of health care. Makes it very easy to get out of bed in the morning and believe that your work life adds value to the world.

Inspiration For The Aspirants

Medtech is not just a worthwhile career with a broad range of interesting development opportunities. The field is ever-changing and dynamic. An industry where you can show your talent while it provides advances to improve the lives of fellow humans every day.

“To serve the community, you need to listen to the community, it is not enough to have novel clever ideas. You need to have determined the way your clever idea matches the lifestyle of the patients and the road to treatment that exists in the community. So listening and continuous learning are key to a successful career in this space – along with empathy. You need to care that the patients are getting a great outcome, and you need to care about it every day.”

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