Children’s Book Author Releases New Titles In Grow With STEM Series

Houston, TX–Educator and Author, LaTanya Brooks’ new titles MARISOL: A LITTLE GIRL WITH A BIG DREAM and ADAM BAUM: THE AUTISTIC ENGINEER are both brilliantly written to inspire children’s interest in STEM. For a full list of where to find these titles, visit the Grow with STEM website,

LaTanya Brooks believes that education is a powerful tool in overcoming obstacles. Her website Grow With STEM provides information for parents, mentors, and educators for guiding their children and students down a successful path in STEM-related careers. The site also features works that aim to inspire diversity in STEM-related fields as well as help guide children through difficult situations.

NEW Spanish edition

In Marisol: A Little Girl with a Big Dream, young Latina Marisol dreams of a career in a STEM field, but her mother doesn’t appear to understand Marisol’s grand plans. Marisol’s tía (aunt) Chely gives Marisol some hope and advice about communicating with her mother. 

Through this powerful resource, children are empowered not only to dream big but to pursue their passions and not be limited by anyone’s expectations of them. NEW Spanish edition-Marisol: Una Niña Pequeña Con Un Gran Sueño is also available.

 Adam Baum: The Autistic Engineer is about an autistic boy who also dreams of a career in STEM. Adam even dares to dream that he could become “the best mechanical engineer ever, but he struggles to make friends because they see him as too “different.” One day, Adam uses a secret talent that really impresses his peers! This inspiring story sparks meaningful conversations about compassion, bullying, humanity, and respect.

All children’s books also feature reading comprehension questions to reinforce the lessons in the story, so educators and parents can create a dialogue with their children about what they’ve learned through Marisol Adam and Aubri’s cleverly written journeys.


LaTanya Brooks is an educator, speaker, and children’s book author. LaTanya’s passion for education has led her to create and maintain the website and blog Grow With STEM, which provides resources, education, and information about STEM-related fields to children, educators, mentors, and parents.

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