Domestic Violence Survivor Launches Fragrance Line—Bu—Beautiful Unapologetically®

Domestic Violence Survivor Monique Plair launches a new line of fragrances — BU — Beautiful Unapologetically® — to honor the strength and perseverance of women. 10% of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated to Our Safe House, LLC. – a profit organization dedicated to supporting domestic survivors. 

There’s a mission behind the scent. When a woman looks and feels beautiful, she deserves a scent as equally beautiful.

Monique Plair, Fragrance Designer & Founder of Our Safe Houses, LLC. 

 “BU’s -- Beautiful Unapologetically® ultimate goals are to celebrate domestic abuse survivors by providing employment to them and helping them to start a new chapter in their lives. We celebrate their stories, as well as honor those who have gained their wings and are forever silenced,” says Monique Plair, fragrance designer and founder of Our Safe Houses, LLC.  

BU Nite Mock Up

The BU — Beautiful Unapologetically® mission is to give strength to women who are beginning new chapters after escaping domestic violence and honor those who have paid the ultimate price and the loved ones they left behind. These fragrances from BU — Beautiful Unapologetically® have been formulated for women of all ages to feel beautiful, fearless, and unapologetic. 

The BU — Beautiful Unapologetically® line has three scents: • BU® Lite is an airy daytime boost to get you through a busy day and rolls out Spring 2022. • BU® Freely is a full bouquet of delicate citrus and herbal notes for the late afternoon and will be available Summer 2022. • BU® Nite is a long-lasting, bold, sophisticated, and elegant perfume for formal affairs and late nights available Fall 2022.

BU Lite Mock Up
BU Freely Mock Up

Created by women to support and empower other women, BU — Beautiful Unapologetically® products are designed to inspire women and liberate them from the fear and suffering of domestic violence. Every step of the way, domestic violence survivors are involved with the planning and formulation of these scents. 

The 10% portion of the proceeds donated back to Our Safe House, LLC will be used to equip survivors of domestic violence with valuable resources such as enrichment programs, mental health counseling, emergency housing, business attire, and much more. The women at BU — Beautiful Unapologetically® are reminded of women and girls who fight every day: the woman heading to her first interview, the young girl going to her first dance, and all the women just stepping out on or continuing to follow their own liberated path. 

“There’s a mission behind the scent. When a woman looks and feels beautiful, she deserves a scent as equally beautiful.” Monique Plair, fragrance designer and founder of Our Safe House, LLC. 

About The Fragrance Line Founder

Founder Monique A. Plair is a survivor of domestic violence experienced both as a child and later as a military wife. After escaping the situation with her two sons, Monique and her children experienced homelessness and other challenges. Monique rose above the difficulties and followed her dream to join the Navy. Since then, Monique was inspired by the help she received from other women to acquire resources for safe housing and more to share with other women suffering from domestic violence. 

About Our Safe House, LLC 

My vision is to lend an opportunity to celebrate the courageous women survivors of domestic abuse, still with us to share their stories, and honor the memories of those who’ve gained their wings and been forever silenced.

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